B.Tech. CSE (Software Product Engineering)

Work Integrated Program with Assured Internship

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Professional Tech Skills
Master in-demand tech skills like Full Stack Development through industry level project based learning.
Assured Paid Internships
Intern from Year 2 to 4 atop tech companies & earn Stipends up to INR 8 Lakh.
3 Times Better Pay Package
Gain 3 Years Work Experience while learning to get a 3X higher CTC in final year placements.
Personalized Mentorship
Get Mentored by Tech Professionals and become industry ready faster.
Skilling Courses
 A set of courses crafted to take a liberal approach to help students develop crucial 21st-century skills and cognitive abilities in both professional and personal life.
Foundation Courses
Courses oriented towards MERN Stack Development that starts with basic Programming eventually leading up to high-level product development.
Academic Courses
 Designed to inculcate strong foundational knowledge in computer science, the courses are thoughtfully crafted to impart concepts, their applications & practical labs associated with them.
Integrated Work
Relevant work experience in top tech companies where students gain real world software development expertise, workplace exposure, and industry-ready skills.