B.A (Bachelor of Economics Honors)

B.A Economics honors in economics take into consideration the detailed study of both the macro and micro aspects of economics. The course is the definition, scope, limitations, concepts, utility, production, market, and other major/minor aspects of economics.


The syllabus of honors economics are economic theory, microeconomics and Indian economy, mathematical methods for economics, macroeconomics and international trade, a statistical method for economists, development problems and policies, money and financial systems, economic systems, Indian economy since independence, comparative economic development, public finance, etc,

Program Outcomes

Course Outcome: The students are aware of the nature of the Indian economy, its problems, and its prospects.

Program Learning Outcome: Understanding the basic assumptions in various economic theories and enhancing capabilities of developing ideas based on them.

Knowledge Gained: Knowledge about preliminary mathematical concepts especially related to real-valued, concave, quasi-concave, and continuous functions.

Skill Gained: Calculation of optimal control theory, dealing with different types of transversality conditions.

Agricultural Economics: Develop an understanding of the manifold obstacles to agricultural development, and the policies adopted to overcome them, with particular emphasis on the Indian agricultural scenario.

Advanced International Economics: Concepts related to foreign exchange market and exchange rate.

Economic Growth and Globalization: Familiarity with the theoretical and empirical analysis of the economic growth process and policy implications

Natural Resources: The objective of the course is to apply the theory in resource use decisions of forestry, fishery, and water management.

Economics with Computer Applications: The objective of the course is to provide knowledge of economic theory and practice

Comprehensive Assessment: Assignments based on focused questions relating the theory to real-life scenarios, the students are assessed on their comprehension of the subject matter and their understanding of the interface between theory and practice.

Industries Hiring BA Economics Graduates

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Stock Market
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Accounts manager
  • Fraud examiner
  • Economic advisory
  • Investment Banking

Job Vacancies for BA Economics

  • Finance analyst
  • Budget analyst
  • Banker
  • Market analyst
  • Economist
  • Sales executive
  • Human resource
  • Investment Manager
  • Investment consultant


  • Environmental sectors
  • Government Organizations
  • NGOs
  • Private Companies
  • Banking and Finance sector 
  • Insurance sector


BA Economics is a subject that covers every fact of the financial and banking industries. BA Economics graduate. Whether foreign or local, will be able to analyze and provide professional opinions and ideas on many economic aspects of an industry.

As with many other courses, applicants study ideas of markets, principles of business and finance, micro and macroeconomics, demand and supply, inflation and deflation of an economy, GDP, capital influx and outflow, and other topics as part of BA Economics.