B.Com Cost and Management Accounting

B.Com with CMA (Certified Management Accountant) course is framed for the students to obtain substantial fundamental knowledge of various financial and management accounting subjects while pursuing B.Com. It explores the students to be globally recognized, advanced and highest level of certification in management. It also helps in improvement of the learning process of students by acquiring knowledge in new areas rather than concentrating in the same subjects.


Environmental Studies, Business Law and goals, English Language learning, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business Organization and Management, Business Administration, Financial Accounting, Language I, Income Tax Law and Practice, Cost Accounting, Business Communication, Language II, Company Law and tax planning, e-Commerce, Computer Applications in Business, Corporate Accounting.

Programme Outcomes

  1. To spread valuable knowledge relating to basic accounting standards through practical application of accounting procedures
  2. To develop the skills of filing taxation and creating the opportunities to get exposure in the field of indirect taxation and GST
  3. To explore more chances to learn about marketing, banking management, financial markets and financial institutions to deal with financial services
  4. Imparting sufficient knowledge in human resource management and entrepreneurship to deal effectively with human resources in business
  5. To learn the methods of E-filing and corporate financial reporting in the business with is the latest development in the business world
  6. Computerized knowledge will enhance the students to learn how to maintain accounts using technology
  7. Many skill based knowledge will be given in the form of communication skill development, about commodity markets, employability aspects to students

Program Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of how communication shapes patterns of social interaction, the expression of cultural values and norms, political practices and relations of power, and our positions as local and global citizens.

Be able to use a variety of methodological tools to analyze interpersonal, intercultural, and rhetorical discourse that structures everyday interactions in both our public and private lives.

Demonstrate an understanding of the possibilities, problems, and history of discourse and deliberation in democracy and will be prepared to use their knowledge to work for a just and more humane world.

Industries Hiring B.com Cost and Management Accounting

  • Banks & Financial Services
  • Consulting
  • IT
  • Retail
  • Pharma
  • Manufacturing [basically, any US-based MNC in India etc

Job Vacancies for B.com Cost and Management Accounting

  • Finance and Accounting Managers
  • Budgeting Managers
  • Investment Manager
  • Costing Manager
  • Payable Manager
  • Receivable Manager
  • Portfolio / Fund Manager
  • Financial Controllers
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Finance officers


The students by the end of the three-year B.Com CMA Programme, will lead to higher standards in corporate governance. They will also contribute to the sustainable socio-economic growth of the nation as well as serve as a catalyst for management consulting – helping corporations and businesses.