M.Sc Physics (Master of Science in Physics)

M.Sc Physics is a two-year postgraduate course that deals with the study of matter, quantum optics, lasers, solid state physics, material science, high energy physics, nonlinear optics, and various other aspects of standard and advanced physics.


The subjects of M.Sc physics are mathematical physics, quantum and statistical, electromagnetic theory, mechanics of deformable elastic solids, electronics, physics of semiconductors devices, modern optics, etc.

Program Outcomes

Specific Outcome: Understanding the basic concepts of physics particularly concepts in classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, and electronics to appreciate how diverse phenomena observed in nature follow from a small set of fundamental laws.

Material Physics: To understand research related to Physics and Materials characterization and to Apply the knowledge and skill in the design and development of electronics circuits to fulfill the needs of the electronic industry.

Electrical Physics: Become professionally trained in the area of electronics, optical communication, nonlinear circuits, materials characterization, and lasers.

Quantum Physics: Learn to carry out experiments in basic as well as certain advanced areas of physics such as nuclear physics, electronics, and lasers.

Common: Acquired the knowledge of facts and figures related to various subjects in pure sciences such as Physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, mathematics, etc,

Basics of Physics: Understood the basic concepts, fundamentals principles, and the scientific theories related to various scientific phenomena and their relevancies in the day to day life.

Physics Laboratory: Acquired the skills in handling scientific instruments, planning, and performing laboratory experiments and to acquire the skills of observation and drawing logical inferences from the scientific experiments.

Creative thinking: Been able to think creatively to propose novel ideas in explaining facts and figures or providing a new solution to the problems.

Industries Hiring M.Sc Physics Graduates

  • Space and Research
  • Healthcare
  • Robotics
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Education
  • Energy companies
  • Medical technology companies
  • Manufacturing

Job Vacancies for M.Sc Graduates

  • Assistant Professor
  • Physics Mentor
  • Lecturer
  • Faculty
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control officer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Material Tester
  • Safety officer


Researcher: M.Sc. Physics graduates can work as researchers in various fields such as materials science, nanotechnology, biophysics, astrophysics, and quantum mechanics. They can conduct experiments, analyse data, and develop new theories and models.

Engineer: M.Sc. Physics graduates can pursue careers as engineers in various fields such as aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, and energy. They can apply their knowledge of physics to design and develop new technologies, systems, and products.

Data Scientist: Physics graduates can work as data scientists, who use mathematical modeling and statistical analysis to extract insights from large datasets. Data scientists work in various industries such as finance, healthcare, technology, and marketing.

Teacher: M.Sc. Physics graduates can become teachers and teach physics in high schools, colleges, and universities. They can inspire and educate future generations of physicists, engineers, and scientist.

There is a great demand of M.Sc Physics graduates in Aerospace and Defense, Automobile, IT and Software, Railways, Nuclear and Renewable energy, Oil and Gas, Electronics and Telecommunications and the Manufacturing sectors.



Lots of career opportunities are available for M.Sc in physics graduates in the highly demanding IT field. They can also pursue their career in various energy plants. They can work as a technician in the electronic industry. They can also find lucrative job opportunities in the automobile industry.

M.Sc in Physics graduates can pursue their careers in various government-owned scientific research and development organizations such as defense research and development organization, physical research laboratories, nuclear science research centers, and Indian space research organizations, several other government organizations are also offering various jobs for these graduates.