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bcom professional accounting course near chennai

If you want to pursue a BCom Professional Accounting course near Chennai and make an informed decision about choosing the right college, you have come to the right place. Professional Accounting provides a unique opportunity for aspiring accountants and finance professionals in the business world. 

With the exponential growth of businesses and industries, the demand for skilled accounting professionals has continued to rise. Hence, it is necessary to carefully consider and select the right educational institution to make the most of this course. Let’s get started!

Overview Of The B.Com Professional Accounting Course! 

B.Com Professional Accounting degree is a 3-year full-time course focusing on Business Studies and Finance. It equips students with a comprehensive understanding of financial principles, taxation laws, auditing practices, management accounting, etc. 

With the B.Com Professional Accounting course, students will gain a strong foundation in accounting theory and practice, which will help them excel in the accounting and finance sector. 

Students also get practical skills and theoretical knowledge that are highly relevant to modern financial outlook. This makes them well-prepared to meet the industry’s challenges and evolving needs. 

Duration3 years
Course LevelUG Degree
Mode of CourseFull-time
Age17 to 23
Average Tuition FeesRs. 5000 to Rs. 80, 0000
Average Salary PackageRs. 4,80,000 LPA. In addition to the B.Com Professional Accounting degree, if one pursues globally recognised certifications like ACCA, CPA, or CFA and gains work experience, senior-level professionals can potentially earn approximately Rs. 30,00,000 LPA. 
Eligibility CriteriaStudents should have completed their 12th grade in either Commerce, Science or Humanities with a minimum of 50% score from a recognised board.
Entrance ExamsEntrance tests are conducted at the institute level. 

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best College For B.Com Professional Accounting Course!

Now that you have decided to pursue a B.Com Professional Accounting course, it is crucial to decide the best college to pursue. Here are a few factors to consider. 

  • Location: When you select a college to pursue a B.Com Professional Accounting course, you should check for the crucial factor, i.e., location. Ensure the college has easy access to the urban hub, connectivity, and exposure to various professional opportunities and industry networks. 
  • Reputation: Look out for the college’s reputation and accreditation in the accounting education field. Quality education has a huge impact on your career prospects. 
  • Faculty Expertise: Check if the faculty members are experienced and are pivotal in shaping your overall learning. Seasoned educators with exponential industry exposure give you valuable insights and mentorship needed to mould you into an accounting professional. 
  • Internship Opportunities: Check if the college provides internship opportunities, upholding hands-on experience in the accounting domain. It helps students get real-world work experience, thus enhancing their skill set. 
  • Affordability: You always consider your expenses before getting into a college. Ensure the college provides scholarships so that you can finish your B.Com Professional Accounting course without any financial constraints. 

Takshashila University- The Best Place For Bcom Professional Accounting Course Near Chennai!

Takshashila University is one of the best universities in India, and it is known for its futuristic courses. With 64+ undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes sprawled across 150+ acres of integrated campus and over 10 industry tie-ups for advanced learning, it is the most recommended choice to pursue a B.Com Professional Accounting course. 

Read till the end to know why Takshashila University is the best place for a B.Com Professional Accounting course near Chennai

1. Admission Process

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At Takshashila University, the admission process is hassle-free and simple. Check if you meet the eligibility criteria- A score of 50% (for reserved students- 45%) in the 12th grade from any recognised board with Commerce or other related subjects as a core subject. 

Enter the website and click on the admission process, where you will be required to enter the details for registration. 

You will hardly take 2 minutes to complete this process, and it is good to go! By submitting the application, you will receive a call from the college faculty to help with the further processes. Once the verifications are done, you will be allocated a seat for your dream B.Com Professional Accounting course. 

2. Course Curriculum


The B.Com Professional Accounting course at Takshashila University covers key subjects like

  • International Finance
  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Valuation of Securities
  • Corporate and Business Laws
  • Financial Risk Modelling
  • Direct and Indirect Taxation
  • Auditing Standards

3. Program Educational Objectives

The PEOs of B.Com Professional Accounting include

  • Moulding students into technically strong experts in accounting principles, financial reporting, taxation, auditing, and management accounting, which enables them to analyse and interpret financial data proficiently. 
  • Enhance students’ professional competence in using accounting software, understanding industry-standard practices, and applying theoretical knowledge to real-world accounting situations. 
  • Making students ethically aware by instilling a framework of understanding and upholding integrity and transparency in financial reporting and compliance. 
  • Upskilling students with the analytical abilities and critical thinking skills that are essential to solving complex accounting problems, making informed decisions and adapting to the evolving financial environment. 
  • Cultivate communication and collaboration skills in students to help convey their financial information clearly and effectively, work collaboratively and engage in professional interaction with the financial domain.
  • Grasp a clear understanding of the global business environment, international accounting standards, and the impact of global economic trends on financial reporting and analysis. 
  • Promote continuous learning and adaptability, making students stay updated with the changing financial regulations, technological advancements, and industry best practices. 

4. University Highlights

building takshashila

Takshashila University is the best place for you to pursue a B.Com Professional Accounting course because of its highlights. 

  • In-depth Curriculum: The B.Com Professional Accounting course syllabus is detailed and a gateway to feed your intellectual potential. It gives you expertise in accounting, taxation, finance, and management area. 
  • Inspirational faculty: The faculty of the B.Com Professional Accounting course are influential mentors and devoted to nurturing students’ financial knowledge to soar to new heights. 
  • Solid industry partnerships: Takshashila University has potential partnerships with leading financial and accounting organisations. 
  • Hands-on learning: The institute provides students with hands-on experiential learning to better understand financial concepts like financial analysis, auditing, taxation, reporting, etc. 
  • Give importance to soft skills: Takshashila University stresses the necessity of soft skills in the financial domain and equips students with the necessary communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, etc. 
  • Holistic skill development programs: The university emphasises holistic development and offers a wide range of professional development workshops, leadership training, and career readiness programs. 

5. Placements

gain confidence and placement

Let’s look into the placement support from Takshashila University for the B.Com Professional Accounting course. With its extensive placement support, career fairs, and industry networking opportunities, it has placed itself in the best position in the list of top colleges to pursue a B.Com Professional Accounting course.

It equips students to get placed in accounting firms, banks, financial institutions, corporate houses and regulatory bodies. 

6. Career Opportunities 

career options

Here are some of the job roles after completing B.Com Professional Accounting at Takshashila University.

  • Chief Accounting Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Bank Probationary Officer
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Internal Auditor
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Management Accountant
  • Accounting Head
  • Financial Controller

7. Salary Outlook

competitive salary

Through the campus interview at Takshashila University, the minimum salary offered for the B.Com Professional Accounting graduates starts at Rs. 5,00,000 LPA. 


The best place to pursue a BCom Professional Accounting Course near Chennai is Takshashila University, and you know why is it so through this elaborate blog. 

Your career success also depends on an institution’s commitment to academic excellence, industry relevance, and holistic student development. Hence, choosing a college is crucial for pursuing a course in B.Com Professional Accounting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – BCom Professional Accounting course near Chennai

1. Who is eligible for B.Com courses?

You should have passed your 12th grade with a minimum of 50% score in a Commerce, Humanities or any other related stream to pursue B.Com courses.

2. What is professional accounting in B.Com?

Professional Accounting is a specialisation in B.Com that focuses on accounting principles, financial management, auditing, and taxation. It aims to prepare students for careers as accounting professionals in various industries.

3. Is B.Com Professional Accounting a good course?

B.Com Professional Accounting is a rewarding specialisation offering in-depth knowledge of accounting principles and practices, opening diverse opportunities in accounting, finance, and business.

4. How many years is B.Com Professional Accounting?

B.Com Professional Accounting is a 3-year UG degree programme that gives an in-depth understanding of accounting with a focus on professional applications.

5. What is the scope of B.Com Professional Accounting?

B.Com Professional Accounting graduates have extensive career opportunities. They can become accountants, auditors, finance managers, tax consultants, financial analysts, and more. They have demanding jobs in the corporate sector, public accounting firms, financial institutions, and government organisations.

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