Onam Festival

August 29 - 2023

In a vibrant and joyous celebration, the Arts and Media Club of Takshashila University organized a special event to mark the auspicious occasion of Onam. The event, held in the Multipurpose Hall, was dedicated to felicitate the Esteemed The Hon’ble Dr. Vivek Inder Kochhar Vice Chancellor of our University, The Hon’ble Dr R Senthil Registrar, Dr R Subramaniyan the Dean SET and Dr S Deepa the Dean SAS, faculties, and other staff members for their exceptional contributions to the university.

The Onam festival, which holds immense cultural significance in the state of Kerala, was celebrated with traditional fervor and enthusiasm. The entire university campus came alive with colorful decorations, floral arrangements, and the enticing aroma of traditional Kerala delicacies.
The event commenced with a warm welcome to the honored guests. The Arts and Media Club, in collaboration with various cultural clubs, presented a mesmerizing cultural extravaganza that showcased the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Spectacular dance performances, soulful music deliveries, and captivating dramatic presentations left the audience mesmerized, highlighting the talent and creativity of the university students.

During the event, The Hon’bleVice Chancellor, The Hon’ble Registrar, and Deans were praised for their dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to the university’s progress. Speaking on the occasion, Coordinators of the Arts and Media Club, expressed gratitude to the honored guests for their invaluable contributions to the university.

The felicitation event organized by the Arts and Media Club not only celebrated the cultural diversity of India through the vibrant festival of Onam but also served as a platform to express gratitude and honor the university’s esteemed The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, The Hon’ble Registrar, Deans, faculties, and staff members for their exceptional contributions to the institution’s growth and development.