B.Sc. Renal Dialysis


Takshashila University‘s Renal Dialysis Technology program is an undergraduate Bioscience course that is specifically designed to teach students the skills needed to administer hemodialysis treatments to patients with renal failure. The course covers topics such as anatomy and physiology, dialysis preparation and prescription interpretation, extracorporeal circuit and dialyzer setup and maintenance, patient preparation, equipment monitoring, venipuncture and local anesthesia administration, taking vital signs, documentation and communication, safety and sanitation, emergency intervention, and professional standards and ethics. This program is designed to train students to provide safe, effective, and compassionate care to dialysis patients under the supervision of a nurse or doctor.

The Takshashila University Renal Dialysis Technology program provides students with technical knowledge and expertise in the treatment of chronic kidney disease and dialysis process. This course educates students on medical equipment and devices used in renal replacement therapies, such as reprocessing, water treatment, patient care, and equipment operation, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, the program helps students to develop the skills to be compliant with the various regulations that govern the field.

 Takshashila University provides a wealth of opportunities for individuals to work both domestically and overseas. The requirement for Renal Dialysis Technologists is on the upswing, as they are the only ones who can carry out the work of renal dialysis. Kidney Centres, Dialysis Centres, and Specialised Hospitals are expanding at a rapid pace, creating a demand for people with the knowledge and expertise in Renal Dialysis Technology.

Career Opportunities

  • Clinical Coordinator
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Dialysis Therapist
  • Lab Technician/Medical Technician
  • Nephrologist
  • Teacher & Lecturer