Bharathiyar Birthday Celebrations at Takshashila University

Takshashila University is proud to announce the celebration of Bharathiyar’s birthday, honoring the esteemed poet Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi. The events take place on December 14, 2023, at Takshashila University. The event was felicitated by the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Respected Registrar, Dean SET, Dean SAS, and faculty members.
The highlight of the events was the special keynote address by Dr. Viramurugam, who enlightened the audience with his insights on the life and works of Bharathiyar.
Dr. Deepa Dean SAS captivates the audience with her enlightening talk on Bharathiyar as the Phoenix bird, symbolizing resilience and transformation.
Dr. R. Subramaniyan, Dean of SET, shares Bharathiyar’s special thoughts and their significance in today’s society, emphasizing their relevance and impact on all generations.
The student events feature a multitude of cultural performances by our talented students. Students look forward to mesmerizing Kummi Pattu dances, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of our nation.
To encourage the students artistic talent, competitions are held in various categories, including haiku, modern art, poetry, and  singing.Students have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and skills while paying homage to the literary genius, Bharathiyar.
Moreover, a ramp was organized where students dressed up as Bharathiyar, adding a visual element to the celebration and symbolizing his profound influence on society.
The event began with the distribution of prizes, acknowledging the students efforts and talents demonstrated by the participants across the competitions. The event was organized by the Media Club.