Our Academic Programs are designed in such a way that it enriches and nourishes the technical knowledge and improve innovative, creative & problem solving abilities of the student. At the same time it provides a clean balance between subjects and training aiming towards bringing students closed to their dream goals.

Engineering, Arts & Science and PG Programs.

Takshashila University offers a wide range of degree programs and strives hard to bring a lot of new courses and programs under it. We continuously do complete rethink of teaching and updated course syllabus for the very benefit of the career success of our students.

Our Academic Moto

Our multidimensional approach towards the academics helps in providing an unconventional teaching and training mix which aids in a deep understanding of the subjects. This tried and tested model improves student’s interest towards the disciplines and immerse themselves in multiple areas that they aspire to master.

Top Programs We Offer

Our Values

We aim to be the University in which students become ready for a successful career in the competitive world where democracy, technology, economy and sustainability are in a constant change.