School of Pharmacy

Bachelor in Pharmacy

With campus in Ongur, Tindivanam, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, spread over 150 plus land area, Takshashila is one of the Leading Tamil Nadu’s private university. In a short span of 1 year, we have done 20+ Academic collaborations and continuing

The founding Chancellor of Takshashila University Tamil Nadu is Mr. M. DHANASEKARAN, a renowned educationist and philanthropist.


Highlights of Pharmacy Program

Career Options

  • Community Pharmacist: Dispenses medications to patients and provides medication counselling.
  • Hospital Pharmacist: Provides medication management and patient care in a hospital setting.
  • Research Scientist (Medical): Conducts research on new drugs and therapies.
  • Clinical Research Associate: Conducts clinical trials of new drugs and therapies.
  • Higher Education Lecturer: Teaches pharmacy students at a college or university.
  • Medical Sales Representative: Promotes pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals.
  • Pharmacologist: Studies the effects of drugs on the human body.
  • Product/Process Development Scientist: Develops new drugs and drug delivery systems.
  • Regulatory Affairs Officer: Ensures that pharmaceutical products meet regulatory standards.
  • Research Scientist (Life Sciences): Conducts research on a variety of life sciences topics, such as genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology.
  • Science Writer: Writes about science for a variety of audiences, such as the general public, healthcare professionals, and scientists.
  • Toxicologist: Studies the harmful effects of chemicals on the human body.
  • Food and Cosmetic Industry: Works in the food and cosmetic industry to ensure the safety of products.
  • Own Pharmacy or Chemist Shop: Owns and operates a pharmacy or chemist shop.
  • Research & Development: Works in research and development for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Formulation Development: Develops new drug formulations.
  • Diagnostic Technologist: Performs diagnostic tests on patients.
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance: Ensures the quality of pharmaceutical products.
  • Nuclear Pharmacy: Prepares and dispenses radioactive drugs.
  • Nutrition Support Pharmacy: Provides nutrition support to patients.