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To inspire, develop and create change makers and world leaders of tomorrow through knowledge similar to the ancient Takshashila University


Nurturing and developing the leaders of tomorrow with the brightest minds and best resources, fostering lifelong learning and ethical excellence.


“Creating the leaders of tomorrow” - by nurturing curious minds with quality education, guidance and real-world experience.

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Unmatched Offerings of Takshashila University

Salient Features at Takshashila University

Academic freedom

The top engineering college in India fosters the spirit of academic freedom, empowering students and professors to explore their academic interests, conduct groundbreaking research and impart knowledge without any constraints.

Student support services

We offer various support services, including personalised academic advising, expert tutoring, career guidance, confidential mental health counselling, and financial assistance to aid students in their academic and personal endeavours.

Technological resources

We offer students access to advanced technical resources. From high-performance computing systems to specialised software and laboratory equipment, the engineering college in India equips them to drive innovative research and development.

Cultural and artistic activities

The top engineering college in India embraces cultural diversity on our campus and conducts cultural and artistic events, from music concerts to dramas. We strive to provide a vibrant environment, encouraging students to participate in enriching activities.

Experience Rich Facilities and Amenities

Takshashila University’s Dynamic Schools

School of Engineering and Technology

The best engineering college in India offers cutting-edge courses fostering innovation, problem-solving and technological expertise to prepare students for successful careers in diverse engineering fields.

School of Arts & Science

We offer various arts and science programmes, empowering students to think critically and cultivate a deep understanding of the world.

School of Agriculture

We provide a specialised curriculum with hands-on training that shapes graduates who will contribute to global food security and agricultural development.

School of Pharmacy

We educate, inform, and inspire both students and the broader community about the vital role pharmacy plays in healthcare and the continuous advancements in the field

School of Physiotherapy

We offer an enhanced curriculum that provides advanced knowledge and practical skills to aspiring physiotherapists to promote mobility and well-being to people of all ages.

School of Allied Health Sciences

We prepare compassionate healthcare professionals proficient in diverse disciplines like radiology, medical lab technology, nutrition, support holistic patient care, etc.

School of Hotel Management

We cultivate hospitality leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry, including hotel operations, service excellence, guest satisfaction, etc.

School of Business

We offer focused business programmes equipping students with modern management skills through finance, marketing, operations and entrepreneurship courses. Industry collaborations and faculty guidance prepare graduates for successful careers in business.

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