Voters Day Celebration

January 25th - 2024

Takshashila University recently held a vibrant celebration for Voters Day, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of voting among university students. The event was graced by Mr. Periyasami, a distinguished Agricultural Officer from the Villupuram Collectorate, who delivered an enlightening keynote address emphasizing the significance of active participation in the democratic process. During his speech, Mr. Periyasami not only highlighted the value of voting but also shed light on the procedures of forms 6 and 8, empowering students with the necessary knowledge to participate effectively in the upcoming elections.

The day’s festivities also included a special felicitation ceremony, where the Honorable Pro-Chancellor, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Honorable Registrar, Respected Deans, and esteemed faculty members were recognized for their contributions to the university community.