Why Specialization?

IBM Career Education Program helps students and faculty gain relevant skills in the latest technologies including cloud, analytics, mobile, security, social and more.

IBM offers a number of specialisations for UG programs, including Cloud Computing, Mobile, Big Data, AI/ML, Data Science and more.

Why IBM?

Technology is developing at a dynamic pace. And with changing times, organizations are constantly evolving their solutions using the latest technologies. Hence a degree with technology specialisation becomes critical for students to advance on their chosen career paths..

The program brings the latest software content, real-world industry experience, hands-on labs, and best practices to a unique education platform.

IBM has over a decade of training experience in India with more than 1,00,000 certified students.

Benefits of IBM specialisation Programmes

  • Dual Qualification with a Degree from University and Certificate from IBM.
  • IBM content and technology are recognized worldwide and it can open global opportunities for students
  • Better employability options and higher productivity from the first Job onwards
  • Opportunity to learn directly from industry experts on campus
  • The latest and best syllabus with global certification that is continually updated by experts
  • Extra edge over peers on the latest technologies
  • Option to choose a career path from industries such as Retail, Transport, IT, BFSI, and more
  • Builds confidence and accelerates professional career path
  • Students with specialisation command better remuneration packages 

Student Advantage

IBM Career Education collaborates with academic institutions on content and training of students. In this framework IBM extends the following unique services to students;

  • IBM’s long standing collaboration with academic institutions has built trust and trained 100.000 students and 1000+ faculty across India on emerging technologies
  • Training worth 200+ hours on specialisation tracks for students and faculty members
  • Face-to-face training on college campus for students.
  • Latest and best content on emerging technologies with continuous updates by experts from the industry as well as our global teams.
  • IBM Certificate at the end of the program for all participants who access content online and clear the certification exam.
  • IBM Certified Experts conduct training for participants.
  • Content available in digital format or physical books for academic institutions.
  • Global standards for skill enhancement used in curriculum design.
  • Continuously evolving technology platform for students and faculty to learn anytime anywhere with IBM Experts.
  • Best value for money

Takshashila University in collaboration with IBM offered the following Programs

  1. B.Tech CSE (Cyber Security)
  2. B.Tech ECE (IoT)
  3. MBA (Business Analytics)
  4. B.Sc (AI & DS)