The Christmas Cake Cutting Ceremony At Takshashila University

The Christmas cake cutting ceremony was held at the University, organized by the cultural team to celebrate the festive season. The event was held in the multipurpose hall of the university, and it was attended by a large number of students and faculty members.

The ceremony began with a prayer, and the students sang Christmas carols, adding to the festive spirit. The Student Council President gave a brief speech, highlighting the significance of Christmas and the importance of spreading love and joy during the holiday season.

The highlight of the event was the Christmas cake cutting ceremony. The cake was beautifully decorated with Christmas-themed icing and was cut by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, along with the Dean SET and Dean SAS. The cake was then distributed among the attendees, who savored its delicious taste.

Overall, the Christmas cake cutting ceremony was a great success, and it provided an opportunity for the students and faculty members to come together and celebrate the festive season. The event helped to spread love and joy among the attendees and created a warm and festive atmosphere at the University.