Pongal Celebrations At Takshashila University

pongal celebrations at takshashila
January 13th 2023

The University celebrated traditional harvest festival of Pongal with great enthusiasm and fervor. The event was organized by the Dean SET and Dean SAS and was held in the university auditorium.

The celebration began with a traditional Pongal dish being cooked in a large pot over an open fire. The students gathered around the pot and chanted prayers, as the dish was cooked to perfection. The aroma of the freshly cooked Pongal filled the air, and everyone eagerly waited for the dish to be served.

The event also included cultural performances, including traditional dance and music performances by the students. The performances showcased the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu and added to the festive atmosphere of the event.

The event concluded with the serving of the Pongal dish, which was relished by everyone. The celebration of Pongal at the University was a great way to promote cultural diversity and bring the Tamil community together. The event provided an opportunity for the students to learn about and appreciate the traditions and customs of Tamil culture.

Prize Winners – Pongal Celebrations

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Mr. K. ANAND Ist MCA, Miss. R. THAMAYANTHI Ist MCA & Miss. C. ANITHA Ist M.Com. got first place in the DANCE COMPETITION in Pongal day conducted on 13th Jan 2023

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Mr. J. RUBAN Ist B.Tech. CSE got first place in the URIYADI in Pongal day conducted on 13th Jan 2023