Computer Lab

The Campus is enriched with latest Computer Labs with 1:1 ratio, dedicated lease line for uninterrupted Internet facility, Wi-fi Campus ensuring 24×7 Internet connectivity.

Physics Lab

  •  Electronics Laboratory
    Electronics laboratory aims to provide the basic concepts, operation of electronic devices and circuits. The lab supports the students to build circuits on breadboard using electronic components, ICs, power supplies and other electronic equipment. It also provides logic level realization of different digital circuits such as logic gates, flip-flops, counters, registers, multiplexers, de-multiplexers etc. Electronics laboratory enables our students to learn prototyping, soldering, wiring and testing their own circuits.
  • General Physics Laboratory
    The general physics laboratory assists the students in their Academics and Research. The lab is equipped with experimental setups related to Ultrasonic, Polari meter, GM counter, determination of Young’s modulus by Cornu’s method, determination of Specific charge of an electron by J.J. Thomson’s method, etc.
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
    The aim of this laboratory is to provide the knowledge about architecture, programming and interfacing of microprocessor chips 8085/8086 and microcontroller chips AT80C51/AT89C2051 to the M.Sc. Physics students. This lab supports the final year students, with Electronics specialization, to build microprocessor and microcontroller based Electronics projects.
  • Optics Laboratory
    Optics laboratory covers all the major topics such as Michelson interferometer, diffraction, optical fibre laser, polarization, spectrometer prism and grating etc., these experiments are related to modern optics, this lab helps the students in advanced optical experiments.
  • Semiconductor Laboratory
    This lab helps in developing the advanced semiconductor materials and devices, several solid-state devices like Schottky Barrier, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, quadrant detectors, single pole single throw switches, PIN photodiodes, space-quality solar cells, phase shifters.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is well-equipped with cutting-edge tools for analytical, physical, structural, and synthetic chemistry. The curriculum includes high-tech analytical tools like IR spectrophotometer electrochemical work station, UV-Visible spectrophotometer and a flame photometer. Chemicals are needed for experiments employing these devices only on a microscale level, making them substantially more efficient than conventional methods in terms of cost and turnaround time.

The use of carcinogenic compounds, such as acetone, ether, and volatile organic solvents, is encouraged in the postgraduate lab. Substances that emit fumes as well as other dangerous chemicals are kept in fume hoods and areas that are clearly designated.

Efficient fire alarm system is installed in all the laboratories.


The Campus is enriched with latest edition of Books, e-Books and Journals written by Authors from all over the world, Periodicals, Magazines related to Management, Engineering, Sciences, Medical, Law, Agriculture, Personality Development, Communication Skills, and many other fields. 


“Every Man should eat and enjoy the fruit of all his labour; it is the Gift of God”. The University provides the facility of Cafeteria with clean, healthy and nutritious food because we believe “Health is Wealth”.

Sports Facilities

Sports and Physical activities plays a vital role in developing students personality. We have facilities like Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, etc. Full time Coaches and Instructors are available for these games.

Inter-Class and Inter-School tournaments are held every year and students actively participate in them. Our students have participated in different Championships and have won many prizes for the University.


350 seaters fully air-conditioned auditorium with latest Audio-Visual facility is provided in the Campus for any Cultural, Professional, Academic programs.

24x7 Security

The entire Campus is under CCTV surveillance; well-trained Security Guards patrol the Campus 24×7. Firefighting system with highly sensitive alarms further strengthens the Security of the Campus. No one can enter the premises without proper authorization.

Transport Facility

The University operates its own fleet of buses from different places like
  • Ulunthurpet
  • Cuddalore
  • Chengalpet
  • Maduranthakam
  • Achirapakkam
  • Melmaruvathur
  • Uthiramerur
  • Pondicherry
  • Marakkanam
  • Kadapakkam
  • Villupuram
  • Vikravandi
  • Gingee
  • Vandavasi
  • Panruti
  • Mamallapuram/Mahabalipuram
  • Kurinjipadi
  • Vadalur
  • Tambaram
  • Kanchipuram
  • Tindivanam
  • Thiruvannamalai
with more than 90 kms (one-side) of distance to and fro from the Takshashila University Campus. Dedicated parking facility inside the Campus is available for Students and Faculties separately.

Hostels, Mess and Laundry

The University has Multi-storied, fully furnished, AC and Non-AC hostels with Lift facilities both for Boys and Girls separately. Students’ are provided with inexpensive Accommodation, Food, Laundry, dining hall, Common room, Visitor’s room, TV room, reading room, Games hall, etc. and ensures a feeling of “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”. All hostels are Wi-fi enabled, having attached bathroom, separate washing area, personalized balcony, hot-water facility, etc.

Therapeutic Student Counsellor

Trained and dedicated Psychologist available for the students in making them stress free and focused towards the path of excellence through Guidance and Counselling.

Area of Integrated Campus: 150+ acres and counting
UG Programs: 38
PG Programs: 16
Ph.D. Programs: 10
Total Programs: 64
Industry Tie-ups: 10+