B.Sc. Optometry Technology

Optometry is an undergraduate Bioscience course that provides students with training in the health care field of optometry over the course of three years. This degree program covers the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of eye-related ailments, such as visual problems, refractive errors, and optical symptoms. It also instructs on vision screening, optometric counselling of patients with partial sight, colour blindness, and hereditary vision defects, as well as the design and fitting of spectacles, contact lenses, and low vision aids.

This program provides an array of possibilities to work within the national and international field. The demand for expertise and education in this sphere is increasing consistently within the global market. The quantity of optical healthcare centers and Specialised Eye Care Hospitals has been increasing every year, and in turn, the need for professionals with skills and knowledge in Optometry is also increasing.

This course is suitable for all students, especially those who possess good manners, vision, coordination, self-discipline, a commitment to helping others, dedication and determination, and the ability to handle patients with tact. It is an ideal choice for those planning to pursue a career in medicine or a related field, as well as those looking to undertake further studies or research in the same area.