Can I do a BCom after 12th Science?


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bcom after 12th science

Have you ever wondered about switching your stream after 12th grade? If yes, it is possible! If you are a science stream student wanting to pursue a commerce career, consider doing a BCom degree. It could be challenging but not impossible! 

With our discussion on eligibility criteria, advantages, challenges to overcome and preparation tips, kick start your career in the commerce field! Keep reading to know the career prospects of pursuing a BCom after 12th science

BCom and its relevance

A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a three-year undergraduate degree emphasising commerce, accounting, finance and other business-related subject lines. It is not limited to students with a commerce background but also those of diverse stream backgrounds.

Its core subjects include economics, business management, marketing, financial accounting, human resource management, etc., equips students to understand the principles and practices of the business world. 

It provides students with extensive knowledge and a versatile skill set, such as accounting, finance and business management, which is a solid foundation for diverse career paths. Since these skills and knowledge are transferable, BCom graduates are sought by employers in corporate and non-corporate offices.

BCom is the best option for aspirants who wants to pursue business-related careers. After completing a BCom, a graduate can pursue an MCom, MBA, CA or CFA. Enroll in a BCom program at Takshahsila University to open new avenues in the business world!

Eligibility criteria for a BCom program

Here are the requirements for a BCom program listed for your understanding. It is important to note that the eligibility criteria differ among different universities and colleges. 

Eligibility CriteriaDetails
Academic RequirementsA pass in 12th grade (or an equivalent) from a recognised educational board. 
Open to students regardless of their stream selection in their 12th grade, including science. 
The minimum percentage varies from one university/college to another.
Subject PrerequisitesThough not mandatory, it is better if the students are proficient in mathematics, economics, business studies and accountancy. 
However, students apart from a commerce background, such as science, can also pick up the subject with dedication and a slight adjustment.
Entrance ExamsMostly, there are no entrance examinations for a BCom degree.However, it varies from one institute/college to another. 
Some exams for reference include the Common Entrance Test (CET), BCom Entrance Test, All India Entrance Examination for Admission (AIEEA), etc.
Additional considerationsThere is no maximum age limit to enroll in a BCom course.

Advantages of Pursuing BCom after 12th Science

The experienced faculties of Takshashila University list the advantages of pursuing BCom after 12th Science.

1. Diverse skills and knowledge

Pursuing a BCom after 12th science allows exploring the different academic fields from your original niche and gaining expertise in commerce-related subjects. It broadens your overall skill set and prepares you for vast career options.

2. Versatile career opportunities

BCom after 12th science opens doors to versatile career opportunities in various industries of the business world. BCom graduates can work in finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, etc.

3. Professional growth

A BCom program equips an individual with transferable skills such as analytical, communication, problem-solving, etc., and business acumen. Combining these skills gained through a BCom degree and an MBA program opens opportunities for high-paying and senior-level positions. 

4. Comprehensive business understanding

A BCom degree gives students a holistic understanding of various aspects of the business world. It covers all the crucial business topics and moulds you to make informed business decisions and overcome the complexities of the business landscape. 

5. Mix of science and commerce backgrounds

The mixture of BCom after 12th science can be highly advantageous since the blend is sought-after in fields such as healthcare management, biotechnology business, and data analytics. 

Challenges to overcome and tips to prepare for BCom

Here’re the challenges science stream students face and recommendations for overcoming them. BCom after 12th science can be easy if you follow them.

1. Transitioning from a science background to commerce

Shifting from a science background to a commerce field requires an understanding of commerce subjects and involves a change in learning methodologies. It is necessary to perceive the fundamental concepts and terminology of commerce. 

It could be challenging initially, but eventually possible with determination and a positive approach. Seeking additional support from faculties, engaging in self-study, using online resources and taking additional courses and workshops can help for a smoother transition to the BCom program for 12th science students. 

2. Preparing for a BCom program

By reading books and publications on commerce topics, attending workshops and seminars on business topics, networking with experts from the commerce field, and taking online courses, one can prepare for a BCom program. 

Career prospects of pursuing a BCom after 12th science

Here’re some career paths to explore for a 12th science student after completing a BCom degree.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Consulting
  • Government and Public Sector

Choose Takshahsila University for a successful career!

Takshashila University is a prestigious university in Tamil Nadu, offering various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes. Engineering, social sciences and humanities, agriculture, allied health sciences, and hotel management are a few departments for your reference.

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With its  10+ industrial partnerships and 100% placement, it helps students get placed during their final year of college through campus recruitment. Join Takshashila University’s BCom course and create a great future for yourself!


If you ponder whether you can do a BCom after 12th science, the answer is a resounding yes. Pursuing a BCom after 12th science is a viable option that can be rewarding. BCom provides an opportunity to explore diverse career paths and gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

All it takes is to embrace the challenges you face in transitioning from a science background to a commerce field and prepare adequately to embark on a fulfilling academic journey that adds a feather to your career life!


1). Is BCom hard for science students?

While transitioning from a science background to commerce subjects can be challenging and arduous, science students can still strive in the BCom program with a slight adjustment, dedication, and a positive approach. However, it depends on and varies based on individual strengths and interests.

2). What percentage is required for a BCom degree?

Though the minimum percentage is the pass marks in 12th grade, it can differ from one university or college to another. However, most colleges’ minimum aggregate score for a BCom program is 40 to 50%.

3). What is the scope of BCom?

A BCom program is rewarding and demanding and opens job opportunities for its students in finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, consulting and entrepreneurship. One can also advance their career by pursuing an MBA after BCom.

4). Will a BCom degree include mathematics?

BCom is incomplete without mathematics. The curriculum includes mathematics subjects, such as statistics, financial mathematics, quantitative techniques, business mathematics, etc. Mathematical knowledge is essential for students to analyse business data, perform financial calculations, etc.

5). Which stream should you take for a BCom degree?

Choosing a commerce stream for 11th and 12th grades is the best to get familiar with the subjects such as accountancy, economics, business studies and mathematics. These subjects are also included in the BCom degree’s curriculum. However, students can opt for a BCom program regardless of their stream selection.

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