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Takshashila University - Leading Private Engineering College in Chennai

(State Private University)

Established under Tamil Nadu Private Universities Act 2019

(A Unit of Sri Manakula Vinayagar and Mailam Group of Institutions)

Takshashila University, located in Ongur, Thindivanam, is a private engineering college in Chennai and a unit of Sri Manakula Vinayakar and the Mailam Group of Institutions. It was established with the goal of enlightening humanity via superior research and teaching in the contemporary day.

It takes inspiration from the ancient “Takshashila University” from the historical city of Taxila, founded by Bharat, Lord Rama’s brother and Kaikeyi’s son. More than 10,500 students from around the world attended the ancient school, including those from Greece, Arabia, China, and Babylonia. It offered 60 courses in subjects like music, philosophy, theology, politics, astrology, science, and maths. It was the first higher education institution ever created at the time.

Our institute, Takshashila University, founded with the same idea to provide education to students from all over the world, sails with the motto, “Creating the leaders of tomorrow.” It is called the best private autonomous college in Chennai because of its rich legacy.

With more than 25 years of experience in education and research, Sri Manakula Vinayagar and the Mailam Group of Institutions are the best private engineering college in Chennai and the ideal option for parents and students. Through the delivery of medical, technical, and professional education to more than 75,000 students throughout our 25-year history, they have aided in the growth and development of the country. Many of their students also founded their enterprises, employing thousands of people and advancing the development of their countries, in addition to being hired by the biggest MNCs in the globe. Approximately 15,000 students are enrolled in the autonomous engineering college in Chennai, and 3,000 staff members look after the needs of the students on our 250-acre campus.

Advanced Flagship Programmes In Best Private Engineering College In Chennai

All B.Com Programmes

B.A Tamil, B.A Economics & B.A Defense and Strategic Studies

Empowering The Next Generation


The autonomous college in Chennai envisions creating change-makers and global leaders.


The private engineering college in Chennai fosters and develops the leaders of tomorrow, encouraging them to be morally upright with its brightest minds and best resources.

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Exceptional Campus With Countless Opportunities

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Takshashila University’s Signature Offerings

Takshashila University’s Notable Aspects

Academic freedom

The best autonomous college in Chennai promotes academic independence by giving students and teachers the flexibility to pursue their academic passions, conduct ground-breaking research, and share their knowledge with others.

Student Guidance and Help

The best private engineering college in Chennai provides a range of support services to help students succeed in their academic and extracurricular goals, including individualised academic counselling, professional tutoring, career advice, private mental health counselling, and financial aid.

Tech resources

We provide students with access to cutting-edge technology tools. The autonomous engineering college in Chennai provides them with the tools they need to spearhead creative research and development, including high-performance computing systems, specialised software, and laboratory equipment.

Cultural and artistic activities

The autonomous college in Chennai emphasises cultural diversity on its campus and holds performances of all kinds of art forms, from plays to concerts. We work hard to provide a lively environment that inspires students to engage in enriching activities.

Takshashila University’s Unrivalled Features, Facilities & Amenities

Takshashila University’s 6 Diverse Departments

Engineering and Technology Programmes

The private engineering college in Chennai has cutting-edge Engineering and Technology programmes that empower students to explore and excel in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Arts & Science Programmes

The best private engineering college in Chennai provides a range of arts and scientific courses that encourage students to think critically and develop a thorough awareness of the world.

School of Agriculture

The autonomous engineering college in Chennai empowers students to contribute to agricultural growth and global food security with its compelling curriculum and practical training sessions.

School of Physiotherapy

The autonomous college in Chennai offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips physiotherapists with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills to promote mobility and overall health in persons of all ages.

School of Allied Health Sciences

The best autonomous college in Chennai ensures to produce skilled healthcare professionals in a variety of fields, including nutrition, medical lab technology, radiology, and supporting holistic patient care.

School of Hotel Management

Takshashila University creates professionals in the hospitality industry who have a thorough understanding of all facets of the sector, such as hotel operations and customer service.

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